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01/08/15 10:21 AM #6    


Joani Brandes (Lesser)

Sad to announce the death of Norman Block, husband of our classmate Sharon Gershenzon Block. The funeral will be January 9.

01/08/15 03:05 PM #7    

Harold Schrage

I have been out of Detroit since '65 and had zero contact there other than my family. It's a kick to get Email from others with names that are pretty fuzzy in my mind.

01/08/15 03:34 PM #8    

Sharon Gould (Eaton)

It's sad that all the (wealthy) Philanthropic people in the Detroit area, who give millions to a myriad of charities havent come forward to help save the Oak Park Facility that services our young Jewish families and the elderly.

The question I have is whether or not they feel that every year the center would be in debt with no way to remedy the situation. Maybe it's because it's open to the Public? . With so many activities that our children/ grandchildren are involved in, sadly, there's not much time left to go to the JCC. Plus so many young people have left the state which also decreases memberships, activities, children in the Nursery School and overall participation.

The JCC is a tradition. Let's hope it can be saved.

01/08/15 05:01 PM #9    

Ruth Berent (Koppelman)

Hi Classmates,

  We are living in Tucson but would love to find a house to rent for the summer months. If any of you know of somebody who might want a summer vacation with a responsible couple to watch their house and pay the bills please let me know.


  Ruthie Koppelman


01/08/15 05:38 PM #10    

Gary Alpert

Thanks to Joanie for getting more activity on our site. It is great to hear of current activities that are happening in the lives of our classmates.  AS far as the JCC goes-if everyone would be part of the solution and make a contribution to the cause we can solve this problem. This is one asset in our community that needs to be supported. It is our legacy.

Gary Alpert

01/10/15 08:59 AM #11    


Joani Brandes (Lesser)

With sadness I just wanted to mention the names of classmates we have lost in 2014...Ken Lipsitt, Richard Poyle, Nathan Keller. Also, Jason Bodzin and Richard Monash from the 1962 class because a lot of us knew them as well. If anybody knows of others, please add to this list.

01/10/15 02:37 PM #12    

Jules Goldman

Thank you for the updates.  Jules

01/10/15 03:29 PM #13    

Susan Hershman (Ellis)

The news this week that Northland is losing its last remaining anchor store, and will not likely survive after Macy's closes, reminded me how Northland was not only important to most of us in the Class of 63, but was also important in the post-World War II economic and social development of our country.  Northland was the nation's first mall, and paved the way for all the changes the mall brought as not only a place to shop but a place to gather and engage in many other activitie, of the mentionable and unmentionable variety.

Marty Greenberg reminded me of the statue The Boy and Bear at Northland.  The developers felt that art would enhance the archictecture.  We might all take for granted the presence of art in our malls and shoppong venues now, but the idea originated with Northland.  Check it out

01/10/15 03:41 PM #14    

Kenneth Boyer

Sold shoes at chandlers northland for over  3 years; made $100 week; paid for college and law school; impossible today; is Burt singing in the shower; boyer

01/10/15 04:55 PM #15    

Robert Weiss

Like Ken, I also worked at Northland (Raimi's Curtains - Gail's father).  That and my paper route paid for college, law school and my first home.  I'll miss the bike rides to Northland when it first opened, my first exposure to foot long hot dogs at the Drug Store and all you can eat chicken dinner @ Cunningham's

01/10/15 06:31 PM #16    

Susan Hershman (Ellis)

I worked at Hudson's Northland.  It was my first job.  I can still remember the location of some of the stores, especially Kresge's, where I probably ate and bought make-up.  I remember the ash trays in the fitting rooms at Hudson's.

01/10/15 06:33 PM #17    

Susan Hershman (Ellis)

Kenny - maybe I bought shoes from you at Chandler's?  Burt sings more in the car than n the shower, hundreds of tunes, especially from the 50s and 60s.  

01/10/15 08:16 PM #18    

Kenneth Boyer

Tell bob Weiss got approved in Illinois; thanks for help; ken

01/10/15 08:18 PM #19    

Kenneth Boyer

To Susan; I have the best doo wop collection ever; Burt would love to listen; ken

01/11/15 08:43 AM #20    

Joy Yagoda (Huls)

I also worked at Northland..  Besides shopping and hanging out there.I remember the wonderful Fanny Farmer candy bars for a nickel. I remember shopping at Albert's for black elastic great fitting pants for $8. They would make you look so thin .I remember Winkelman's and Marianne's and Kresege. (spelled wrong?)   Kresege 's meant a good  coke and french fries. I remember shopping at Bakers and Chandler's too. When I worked at Franklin Simon , I made about $43 a week,selling sportswear and  even furs. I was one of the top sales people and I loved it. I loved going early on a bus and going to Palmers'  Restaurant  for an 80 cent breakfast. There was a beautiful black haired hostess that would greet you. I remember seeing one man chasing another man with a gun . I saw the man get killed right in front of me. I will never forget it. Joy Huls

01/11/15 05:41 PM #21    

Sherry Bershad (Cantor)



Thank you for the notifications

Ken was a good friend in high school and am so sorry about his loss!

Also my thoughts go out to Sharon Block on hearing about Normans passing.

Sherry Bershad Cantor


01/12/15 10:32 AM #22    


Evelyn Siegel (Forstadt)

Joy, you certainly have tickled a lot of long-dormant synapses.  I thought the height of shopping was Winkleman's, a store that thrilled me with its merchandise and frustrated and thwarted me with its prices.  I love shopping to this day and am happy to report I'm less frustrated and thwarted.

01/12/15 01:05 PM #23    


Paula Nesselson (Stone)

SO ...if this deficit is for BOTH JCC's --

then why was the Berman Theatre built at a cost of at least a mill?  

It sounds like the right hand not knowing what the left is doing!!

I do realize that the O P JCC does a great deal of good for the residents of the

Senior Apts there especially!!

They also have a senior nutrition program that helps many Jewish Oak Park residents.

Let's get some of the monies from all the donors of the Holocaust Museum to help out!!

01/12/15 02:02 PM #24    


Joani Brandes (Lesser)

If I'm not mistaken, the Berman was built with private funds, mainly, if not all, from the Berman family.

01/12/15 02:33 PM #25    

Harold Schrage

I graduated in the January of 63 class because I loved American History 2 so much. They finally got tired of me and set me free, kind of like all the schools in LA. A.

I have lives away since I enlisted in 1965 and had no contact with anyone. Finding out that I had died motivated me to enroll in this website.

Thanks to you I have been contacted by 3 people from the gool old days.

01/12/15 03:45 PM #26    

Jules Goldman

The Berman was built with all private funds. Bill Berman is his name. ( Jill writing on Jules site.) I worked at the Center when it was discussed and presented. We (the staff) were also invited to events.

01/12/15 04:35 PM #27    

Sharon Gould (Eaton)

Ken, with all of your Doo Wop collection, I was wondering if you have one record in particular. The song was called School Girl by Little Tom and his Valentines. It's on ITunes and on the internet. That "Fabulous" record was made by non other than Little Tom and his Valentines...Linda Hagelberg Bertin, Marilyn Foster and yours truly! It was a big hit, locally. We did 38 Record Hops and were on T.V on the Bud Davies  Show  in Windsor and some tv show in Toledo. Incidently, we were a lead in group for Ann Margaret at the Lightguard Armory. What an exciting time for three Jewish 15 yr. Old girls who went to Mumford!  Ohhhhh, the memories.

06/05/15 06:08 PM #28    

Brian Mark

Does anyone remember a sort of psychedelic collage on the cover of a year book of some kind? Embedded in the design was a reference to Dr. Saporski.  If you were crazy enough (I wish I had been!) to keep a copy, please post it.  

06/13/15 10:46 PM #29    

Marlene Kutnick (Yamron)

Not sure how to write this, mean no insults to anyone ....

A few of the girls who graduated in Jan. 63 are getting together on July 18, 2015 for lunch to celebrate our 70th birthday year..   I thought it might be fun to see if anyone else from the Jan. 63 class would like to join us. Haven't really decided on a place yet, but July 18th is the day.   We thought we could catch up on all that has happened during all these years, laugh, cry, and just have a good time trying to remember everything.  If you are interested, please let me know here, or email or call or text 248-227-2233 

We will try to find a place that will give us separate checks.  I think it could be alot of fun seeing each other again.  

Hope to hear from someone soon

Marlene Kutnick Yamron

06/14/15 01:09 PM #30    

Andra Winkelman (Soble)

Sounds like a good time!

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