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06/05/15 06:08 PM #28    

Brian Mark

Does anyone remember a sort of psychedelic collage on the cover of a year book of some kind? Embedded in the design was a reference to Dr. Saporski.  If you were crazy enough (I wish I had been!) to keep a copy, please post it.  

06/13/15 10:46 PM #29    

Marlene Kutnick (Yamron)

Not sure how to write this, mean no insults to anyone ....

A few of the girls who graduated in Jan. 63 are getting together on July 18, 2015 for lunch to celebrate our 70th birthday year..   I thought it might be fun to see if anyone else from the Jan. 63 class would like to join us. Haven't really decided on a place yet, but July 18th is the day.   We thought we could catch up on all that has happened during all these years, laugh, cry, and just have a good time trying to remember everything.  If you are interested, please let me know here, or email or call or text 248-227-2233 

We will try to find a place that will give us separate checks.  I think it could be alot of fun seeing each other again.  

Hope to hear from someone soon

Marlene Kutnick Yamron

06/14/15 01:09 PM #30    

Andra Winkelman (Soble)

Sounds like a good time!

11/12/15 07:23 PM #31    


Joani Brandes (Lesser)

Unfortunately David Shawn, from the January, '63 class, passed away last weekend. I spoke to him prior to our 50-year reunion and he told me he was having heath issues.

12/27/15 11:01 AM #32    

Sharon Gould (Eaton)

Wishing the Mumford 1963 Class a very Happy New Year filled with Happiness, Good Health, Time with your children and grandchildren, and Lots of Love. <3

12/28/15 11:36 AM #33    

Nancy Grossman (Bernstein)

Thank you Sharon!  I also want to send best wishes to the class of '63 for a wonderful New Year....good health, wonderful times, peace and prosperity.  



07/02/16 04:13 PM #34    

Gary Alpert

Thanks to all for your birthday greeting. I wish all of our classmates and families many more healthy and happy birthdays. Everyone be well and enjoy every day.

02/11/17 06:30 PM #35    


Michael Lester

Hello, fellow classmates!

I am proud to announce the publication of my first book of poetry Notes from a Commode - Volume I, which you can see on

02/12/17 04:26 PM #36    

Joy Yagoda (Huls)

Hi Michael. I tried to find your new book online. I checked Amazon and can't find it. Only a J.Michael Lester. I must be doing something wrong. I tried several times. Joy Yagoda Huls

02/12/17 04:46 PM #37    


Michael Lester

Hi, Joy,

When I click on the link it goes right to my book?

Try this . . .

Notes from a Commode - Volume I

02/12/17 05:52 PM #38    

Joy Yagoda (Huls)

It worked. I hope everyone else is not as dumb as me. I ordered your book. Looking forward to reading it. Great luck to you!! Joy Yagoda Huls

02/12/17 06:39 PM #39    


Michael Lester

Thank you, Joy,

I really appreciate your support! Poetry books, especially ones from unknown poets, are a very hard sell. I hope you enjoy it!

Warm regards,


02/15/17 01:46 PM #40    


Evelyn Siegel (Forstadt)

Hi Michael.  I enjoyed reading the snippets of your poetry.  Congratulations on publication.  Your (very) erstwhile classmate, Evie (Siegel) Forstadt

02/15/17 02:38 PM #41    


Michael Lester

Hi, Evie,

Thanks for taking a look! I had a lot of fun writing the poems and a lot of fun publishing the book!

Best wishes, ex-classmate!


02/16/17 03:59 PM #42    


Joel Casman


So it is my understanding that you book is not a biography of John Crapper nor has anything to do about a  man and his dog.


64 years later but still,


02/16/17 04:10 PM #43    


Evelyn Siegel (Forstadt)

This book of poetry, Joel, has made Michael flush with success, and, no doubt, it was a tankless task.

02/16/17 04:19 PM #44    


Michael Lester

Thank you for the comments, Joel and Evie!

My original title was "Crap I Scooped Out of the Toilet with My Bare Hands," but for obvious reasons, I had to change the title (to something that would fit in the Title Template line).

I am glad you share my sensibility! Now, go to Amazon and support your local poet!

02/17/17 12:56 PM #45    


Joel Casman

Hey Evie,

You and I were always simpatico and again you have recognized that this is a movement.  Michael wisely started with volume 1 to wet out appetite and build our anticipation for number 2.

Best of luck Michael and much success with the book.



02/17/17 01:23 PM #46    


Michael Lester

Thank you, Joel,

They are selling like stale bread and last week's hotcakes!

I plan to buy a tin cup and stand on street corners hawking these things!


05/14/17 09:01 PM #47    


Betty Swartz (Hirschfield)

On another subject, I had Jonathan Swift for twelfth grade English.  I think Anna Small and Mary Wise may have been in the class.  (I would be WISE to acknowledge that there may be just a SMALL chance that my memory serves me.)  I selected Treasure Island from a list of books to review.  I did not think I would like the book but in Mr. Swift's inspiring class, I found it a positive experience to read that classic book and give an oral report on it.  I had Mr. Swift's record album of Scottish Ballads, and I so enjoyed listening to it and learning the songs.

05/20/17 12:19 PM #48    

Susan Stein (Feldman)

I was friends through BBG with many of the girls in the class of  '62 and '64 and have never been able to figure out how to catch up with any of those people.  Just curious, can there be a link for other classes created?  Also, having lived in Florida since 1971 I hear from many of my husband's Miami High ('58) alum how segragated the community was here.  Many have said they did not see a black person other than a maid until they went away to college.  It was a real wake-up call about the two entirely different experiences




05/20/17 03:52 PM #49    


Joani Brandes (Lesser)

I cannot create a link to other classes. For most of us the websites are only for the specific classes and their classmates.

08/26/18 01:27 PM #50    

Marlene Kutnick (Yamron)

Wondering how many people are planning on coming to the 55th reuion in October?

07/03/22 06:40 PM #51    

Marc Kahan

I'm not sure if we want a 60 th. I need convincing and I would come. No walkers allowed Mobility and clear thinking must be a requirement not to exclude anyone but to give the rest of us hope for the future.  Marc Kahan 

07/03/22 11:56 PM #52    


Evelyn Siegel (Forstadt)

I'll be there, Lord willin' and the creek don't rise.

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