Post 55th Reunion Survey

On October 6 and 7, 2018, the Mumford Class of '63 held our 55-year reunion at Knollwood Country Club in West Bloomfield. We had a lovely dinner on Saturday night and a wonderful brunch on Sunday. The weekend showed that we remain a very special group! It was great to re-connect with old friends and classmates.

That said, we, the reunion committee, were asked all weekend, "What are we doing next?"

This survey pertains to our 2 events of this past weekend and will help us decide the "ifs" and "whens" of what we do in the future. We'd also like to know what we did right and what we could do better. Please take a few minutes to provide your feedback so that our 60th will be successful and to your liking.

Here's to good health in the coming years! We'll see you at our 60-year reunion!

Thank you,

Your Reunion Committee

P.S. You must be a registered classmate to submit this survey. If you are, please log in first ( You cannot submit this form until you have logged in.

You must be a member to submit this survey. If you are a member please log in first. You can't submit this form until you've logged in.

1)   Which events did you attend?

  Saturday night dinner
  Sunday morning brunch
2)   Was there any element of this reunion that you think should be changed for future reunions? (i.e. location/facilities, food served, pricing, etc.)

3)   Timing: This was an early fall reunion. Based on your family, work and retirement schedule, what time of year do you feel is best for having a reunion?

  It doesn't matter---I'll be there!
  It doesn't matter---I won't be there anyway!

You can choose more than one.
4)   What activities would you like to see planned for our next reunion?

  Saturday night social
  Saturday brunch or lunch
  Sunday brunch
5)   If you checked "other" on the above question, what do you have in mind?

6)   Our attendance was good. What can we do to insure attendance stays the same or increases for our next reunion?

7)   What other comments do you have for the committee planning our next reunion in 5 years?

8)   Where did you get most of your inofrmation about our reunion events?

  Our reunion website
  Friends and/or classmates
  Posters that were displayed in local businesses
9)   Last question! Please tell us what we did right and/or wrong for our 55-year reunion. We certainly want to hear the good stuff, but we are willing to listen and learn how we can make it better for future reunions.