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Dawn Silver (Lindberg)

Dawn Silver (Lindberg)

RIP (Dawn was our exchange student, from South Africa)

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01/04/21 06:07 PM #1    

Guy Koretz

I only vaguely remember Dawn as "that girl from South Africa."  I did meet her though.  Turns out she had a very impressive career in South Africa πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ as a singer, actress and producer.  Check out her entry on Wikipedia.<>>

She and her husband did protest songs in the Apartheid era and got in trouble for that.  We can temper our sadness at her passing with pride.

01/05/21 11:16 AM #2    

Laurie Tischler (Beals)

I am very touched by what Guy has written.  I did not meet nor do I remember Dawn.  Our graduation class was a large one and there were many people I didn't know.  However, as I think about Dawn and the incredible life that she went on to lead, I will remember her with a sense of sadness and a wish that her time with us at Mumford was of value to her.  I am wondering who the host family was?

Warmest of New Year Wishes; "2021" just has to be a better year for our world,

Laurie Tischler Beals - Fort Collins, CO

01/10/21 07:22 PM #3    

Ellen Schiff (Lane)

Dawn Silver lived for a year with my family when she was an exchange from South Africa.  We shared a bedroom, friends and activities. Like "sisters" we had some different interests but were very close.  I missed her when she went home but enjoyed following her successful career as a singer and later in the theater, and as an activist.  She was loved and respected.


05/22/22 04:15 PM #4    

Karen Fink

Many, many memories of Dawn's year at Mumford. We shared many interests. Dawn educated me about the anti-apartheid movement, and was an important influence in my life. She had a wonderful sense of humor!  Sad to learn of her passing. Glad for cherished memories. 

05/23/22 02:25 PM #5    

Helen Slabosky (Gean)

I remember  Dawn   very  well.    She  was  in  my  Speech  2   class along  with  Karen  Fink.   We also met

for   a class project  at her  house.   She   always   seemed   interested  in you  as  an  individual.   You knew

you could  talk  with  her  and   she wasn't   doing  it  just  to be   polite.   We  got  to learn  about  South Africa, too.         Wish   she  was   one  person  I  could've   kept  contact   with.   It  was  such  a  hugh class. Once

you graduate,  you're   happy to  leave  and   just   forget  everybody  who wasn't  a close  friend.  

     She  also  gave   great   speeches.                     


                                                                               Helen  R.  Gean (Slabosky)   Class- June,  1963




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