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Peggy Feuer

Peggy Feuer

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02/21/12 10:15 PM #1    

Lawrence Hyson

My friendship with Peggy Feuer started, in earnest, after the 36 class reunion, in San Francisco, in 1999. We listened to oldies on the ride home to Sonoma, where we had both been crossing paths for twenty years. Peggy was the smartest and strongest woman I have ever known. She was an art teacher, architectual designer, and an expressionist artist par excellance. She will remain in my heart for eternity.

02/24/12 05:26 PM #2    

Helen Slabosky (Gean)

When I met Peggy at our 36 year reunion, I discovered 2 of our children had much in common.  It was good to share problems. Met her again in 2003 at West coast collective Mumford reunion. Was good to see her then. Wish I could have had a chance to see her again. I  liked her energy and enthusiasm. How did she pass away?  Can't believe she's gone.

04/19/12 09:32 AM #3    

Joani Brandes (Lesser)

"Peggy Feuer died of a brain tumor. It was discovered in October. She died in February. I had been keeping in touch with her for several years via Facebook. She sent me a wonderful note when my mom died last year.  It included an obituary for her mother, a holocaust survivor. Damn, I wish I had taken the time to see her. She was lovely."  ----sent in by Don Surath

04/19/12 09:34 AM #4    

Joani Brandes (Lesser)

"Honoring one of finest people I've ever encountered: Peggy Feuer. Peggy Feuer may have inherited her depth and wisdom from her Holocaust survivor mother ... Or maybe there are some individuals who are simply born finer than the rest. Her daughter Rebecca speaks of Peggy making everything "beautiful". Making art even in the mundane. This holds true of her interactions. She had the gift of not only seeing a person but 'feeling' them in the most empathetic way. Such a rare thing in the hurry-up rhythm of things. She was excellence. A light in the world. To think she will no longer walk amongst us, hurts terribly. When I look at the stars tonight, I'll raise my small candle up to her, with all my gratitude and affection. Truly, j.berggren Feb 10, 2012 11:22 pm" --sent to Don Surath to put on our website.

05/29/12 07:46 PM #5    

Brenda Moskowitz (Kaplan)

Peggy was one of my dearest friends in junior high and high school. We were the "sob sisters" and sang at bar mitzvahs. I lost track of her but thought of her often. Through the years I  thought of trying to contact her but never got around to it.  Now I really wish I had. 

07/11/12 09:27 AM #6    

Lois Teache (Raitt)

Peggy & I reconnected about  a year and a half ago.  We emailed and actually talked to each other on the phone.  We exchanged pictures.  I had hoped to see her again one day; I know she felt the same way.   Her daughter, Rebecca, has contacted me and one day we will speak again.  I will definitely let her know the beautiful words that have been written here about her mother.  I'm deepy saddened by her loss.  It appears that our world has lost a beautiful person.  I'll remember you always, dear Peggy.  May you rest in serene, contented peace forever - knowing that you remain always in the hearts of many.

08/23/12 04:20 PM #7    

Nancy Daskal (Cooper)


  I have known Peggy and her whole family for over fifty years. She was a sweet, kind and always

wanting to help others. She was the best Mom to Rebecca and Julia making them her #1 priority.

    May She rest in peace and know she will always be loved.

                  Eva Haase

06/04/13 08:55 PM #8    

Judi Finsilver (Shefman)

I am very sad to learn that Peggy has passed away.  We had so much fun together during our years at Post.  It would have been fun to reminisce about those years in junior high......the boys we talked about, the ones we had crushes on and the ones we hoped would walk by as we sat on your porch pretending to be occupied, but really on the lookout. I will always remember Peggy as a very bright, happy, fun-loving person with a beautiful  smile.  Judi Finsilver Shefman

09/05/13 01:54 PM #9    

Suzanne Samberg

It saddens me to learn that Peggy has died.  I have lost touch with most people from Mumford, but Peggy and I  had a visit some years ago when my mother came to visit.  Our mothers worked together and were friends. 

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