Our Photos

We encourage you to share photos, or scanned images from either elementary, intermediate school or Mumford.  The more we get, the more enjoyable we can make the website. 

There are two methods for uploading your photos. The first is the quickest.

Photo images should be in .jpg format. You may use Picasa or any editing software to shrink the file size to less than 500 KB each. If you are scanning images, please scan them to meet the above limit.

Click on the appropriate  gallery; then, click the ADD PHOTOS button, and follow the instructions.

An easier second method would be to e-mail the .jpg images to Jim Lesser (<---click on name). Please indicate into which gallery they should go as well as any identifying information. Please limit the size to 500 KB per image if possible.


60 Year Reunion
82 Photos  9/11/23
55th Year Reunion
1 Gallery  10/11/18
50 Year Reunion
3 Galleries  10/8/18
Mumford Memories
2 Galleries  4/14/13
Reunion Committee
1 Gallery  4/13/12
Previous Reunions
1 Gallery  9/7/11
Clubs and Groups
2 Galleries  11/3/13
Bagley Elementary
2 Galleries  9/27/13
Fitzgerald Elementary
1 Gallery  9/7/11
Hampton Elementary
1 Gallery  9/7/11
Vandenberg Elementary
1 Photo  9/7/11
MacDowell Elementary
2 Galleries  11/3/13
Pasteur Elementary
2 Galleries  9/23/11
Higginbotham Elementary
1 Gallery  9/7/11
Post Intermediate
1 Gallery  9/7/11
Schulze Elementary
1 Gallery  9/7/11
Vernor Elementary
2 Galleries  9/21/11
Winship Elementary
1 Gallery  9/7/11
Mumford Visit, 5/7/12
2 Galleries  9/27/13
Invitation Committee
1 Photo  7/18/13
New Mumford
1 Gallery  10/7/12